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Paul with a couple of Rocky Fork Lake largemouths caught on a 1/4 oz A.C.T. Lures jig. 
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A.C.T. Lures (Amstutz Custom Tackle) was started by Paul Amstutz in 2002 as a way to save money against  the rising cost of tackle while making the best tackle out there.
In 2003 A.C.T. Lures started to HAND-TIED jigs with silicone skirts and then started to expand the product line.

Since the start of the company, A.C.T. Lures has been listening to their customer on what they felt a custom bait needed, to be the best.

All of A.C.T. Lures are made with premium quality components and powder painted jig heads. All of this while keeping the cost, to you the consumer, as comparable to that of the large massed produced baits on the market.
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