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A.C.T. Lures, We Make Custom Lures With Pride
Have you ever opened your jig box to get your favorite "money bait", only to find the little rubber band holding the skirt on has broken, again? Here at  A.C.T. Lures we specialize in HAND-TIED silicone and rubber skirts: eliminating the rubber bands altogether. We can also add Bear hair and Flashabou for that custom effect. A.C.T. Lures  offers a variety of different head molds with well over 50 different colors to choose from. Have a old favorite color you can't find anymore or a idea for a NEW CUSTOM COLORA.C.T. Lures can match or make almost anything your mind or Mother Nature can imagine.
A.C.T. Lures offers more than just JIGS. We carry tube heads with a variety of different hooks including a heavy JIG hook, and three styles designed to be rigged "Stupid"
We also offer Dropshot sinkers in the round "cannon ball", and Finesse style. SHAKEYHEADS, in two styles, with a powder coat finish. 
A.C.T. Lures  makes Thumper jigs, "bladed jigs", featuring the HAND-TIED skirts. Buzzbaits, with HAND-TIED skirts, which squeal to draw that lunker up to the surface.
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